Aged Domains in Digital Strategy

Why Buy Aged Domains

Aged Domains in Digital Strategy

Why You Should Consider Aged Domains in Your Digital Marketing Brand Strategy

Want to give your business a virtual kick?  Then a good aged domain name is something you should be including in you digital marketing strategy.

Did you know, any SEO marketing techniques you use on an aged domain will be picked up faster by the major search engines than a freshly registered new domain? This is one of the ways how an aged domain name will give your website a vital boost and should be considered in your digital marketing strategy mix.

When it comes to domains, most often second hand is better than new!

  • You can find that “perfect” brandable name for your business, even if someone had owned it previously.
  • Buying an aged domain means having better authority and may already have domain rank with relevant keywords
  • Save a fortune on PPC! Existing search rankings of aged domains makes sites less costly to promote
  • When there is already a traffic flow this can help to promote your business to existing visitors and increase citation flow

What is an Aged Domain?

An aged domain name is simply a domain name that is at least one year old, but ideally it is even older.

An “aged domain” is a domain that has been registered previously and is usually a couple of years old. An expired domain is also a domain which has not been renewed. There are many reasons a domain isn’t renewed, either the domain owner forgot, the owner failed to pay within this time frame, the registrar has full authority to declare it as “expired” and will place the domain up for auction.  Domain names expire all the time, here are some common reasons:

  • The original owner may have forgotten to renew it or cant afford to pay for it.
  • The owner no longer wants or needs the domain
  • The domain was for a business that no longer operates. Many excellent domains have been dropped during Covid. Particularly in the travel niche.

When you buy aged domains you will almost always pay more than the original owner first paid to register it. The best aged domains have previously been used on past websites in your niche before they were discontinued. SEO experts will search for aged domains when building niche websites for a valuable jump start in SERP placement. Many aged domains already have established incoming back-links, indexed pages and authority. You can check this by doing a google site index search.

The big difference between buying a new domain name and an aged domain is that the aged domain will probably have links already pointing into it, thus having greater visibility and by default more trust from Google.

Use Aged Domains for ‘Brandability’ and Build an Authority Site

With a digital brand, you are giving your customers a way of recognising you. By placing your brand name in the URL of your domain, you will show all email, social media shares and link comes from you.

Aged domains can provide a flow of traffic

Aged domains often have many referring websites that are already linked inbound – a valuable source of traffic if you purchase a domain relevant for your industry niche. If you are thinking about building a new site or blog, consider purchasing an expired domain or second hand blog rather than a new one. With a new domain, you’ll have to work harder to build up its authority. You’ll have to build new content and backlinks, and domain age authority will only come with time. With an expired domain, you can leverage its existing SEO value to start ranking quicker right away.

How to Choose a Domain Name

A good domain name gives people a strong idea of what a website will be about. Domain names have a massive impact in terms of click-through rate, from search to social media results, referring links, type-in traffic, brandability, and offline advertising. Aged domains can make directory listings fast and simple.

Aged domains are trusted by search engines. There’s a huge wealth of places that your domain name impacts your brand and your online marketing, being listed on niched online directories is important. Most of these directories are expensive or inaccessible nowadays. With some aged domains, there’s an existing directory listing.

Buying an aged domain can help you target sub-niches

At its simplest the benefits of buying aged domains help new business rank, however, there is at least one situation where an aged domain can be useful to an established brand – and that’s when you want to target sub-niches and create a micro-site of related business content to link back to your business.

AND Domain Name Redirection

If you want to transfer the link juice of an expired domain to your main website without going through the process of setting up a micro-site, you can simply redirect the old domain to your main website. This can be done via a 301 redirect. The reasoning is that if the expired domain has a SEO value because of the backlinks that it has accrued over the years, all that ranking value will be transferred to your main website.

Buying an Aged Domain name to rank for a target keyword or search phrase

Having a domain name that matches the search phrase exactly what you would like to rank for is still important. Google trusts the domain enough to give it a boost for rankings when the exact search phrase being searched for is an exact match for the domain name.  Some ‘brandables’ that don’t include keywords require huge marketing investments to educate the customer what your site and business is all about.

So… Back to Being Brandable

Brandable, meaning that when you hear or see the domain name, it sounds like a brand. Which means that hyphens and numbers are a no no and ideally shouldn’t be included because they don’t sound like a brand.

When a brandable aged domain is picked up and built on quickly it immediately has traffic and PR from prior keywords, text links and video links. It’s not uncommon to build a new website on a dropped or auction aged domain and from the first day see traffic. Newly registered domains can take months and months for their freshly built sites to gain natural traffic.

For this reason, when good aged domain names drop there are literally hundreds of SEO experts competing to be the first to register the domain name just seconds after it drops. This is when an aged domain name becomes a highly valuable brandable.

Older and Wiser

When a search engine crawls the web it takes hundreds (thousands) of factors into web account. The age of your domain name is still quite an important part in ranking your website in search engine results. The site previously on the domain name may have already been developed. This means there may already be links all over the web that point to the domain you want to purchase. This gives the search engines even more reason to believe that the domain is a trustworthy source of information.

Building this sort of online trust can be an extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming process. Aged domains can give you a vital boost.

The age of a domain is a big factor in determining its value. Older domains tend to rank better in search engines and are therefore worth more money.

Pronounceable Domains

This is going to vary depending on the language and region that you’re targeting, however it’s important for a domain name to be pronounceable. This is because of cognitive bias that human beings have where we remember things that we can easily say and think about. If you can’t easily say the name, you’re going to lose processing fluency, memorability, and the benefits of brandability.

Brandability is a perfectly picked word micro-niche aged domain name with a top ranking TLD dot com – where the top level domain name is easy to spell and easy to remember. You could easily convert this into a recognisable name and long, long lasting business brand.

The Bias towards .com

Brandability dictates that we should go with something easy, that people have an association with, and .com is still the primary TLD – it is King. If you want to build up a very brandable domain, you a .com is a must. Eventually, if you are very successful, you’re going to have to need it anyway, and so you should get it as soon as you can.

The top 6 most expensive domain names publicly reported are all .com: – $49.7 million – $35.6 million – $35 million – $30.18 million – $30 million – $18 million

Buying aged domains – The issue of length

Shorter is better. The fewer characters a domain name has, the easier it is to type, say, share, and the less it gets shortened on social media and in search results.  Many business owners and start-ups search through aged domains for one reason – they simply can’t find a 4 – 5 letter domain, as they are all already registered.

Aged Domain Name Considerations and Summary

The reasoning behind purchasing an aged domain is that it will have previous ranking power and SEO value, which can be used in several ways including rebranding, redirects and for creating micro-sites related to your niche.

To understand the backlinks and profile of an aged domain and to understand it’s history use WayBack Machine. Also use Wayback Machine to see how the site used to look. You don’t want to purchase a site that was used for spammy purposes which might be blocked by Google.

Also consider if there a market for the domain keywords you are considering buying? If not, the domain name may be less valuable. Use Google’s keyword Tool to check search volume and PPC advertising costs. Gambling sites, travel and professions such as legal have huge PPC fees.

Finally, Domain names do increase in value – your blog or business could be very valuable to the right business match. Increase your domains value by continuing to build backlinks to it. It will also increase in value through the simple passage of time because the age of a domain matters.

Domain Age Defined:

Registration Date – the most recent date the domain’s WHOIS record shows an ownership change

Site Established Date – the most recent date the domain, in its current form, went live.

Google Domain Age – the first date Google crawled and indexed the website.